Official Transurfing Coach and Training Regulation

Il Regolamento pubblicato su queste pagine è stato redatto in condivisione internazionale tra tutti i Coach autorizzati da Vadim Zeland a livello internazionale e sotto la sua diretta supervisione e partecipazione

  1. These Regulations govern the professional behavior of Transurfing Coaches and Trainers officially endorsed by Vadim Zeland.
  2. It regulates the aspects of organization of the teaching activity, the criteria and methods of organization of educational services, the methods of the tutoring and supervision service, the methods of issuing the final certificates and the main indications relating to the specific path followed to achieve the certified title.
  3. It establishes the reference values, professional conduct and rules of conduct of all Transurfing Coach and Trainer in all the world and all subjects engaged in the implementation of the activities referred to in these Regulations as essential values in the training and professional process.
  4. The Certified Transurfing Coaches and Trainers adopt the following regulation drawn up in accordance with the provisions and approved by Vadim Zeland, the only recognized and deliberating authority regarding Reality Transurfing in the world
  5. This regulation also defines the organizational structures and operating methods of each activity relating to Transurfing in all territories (conferences, seminars, videos, communication on social network, ethics and professional methods)
  6. Transurfing Coaches endorsed by Vadim Zeland are the authorized bodies that express the dissemination of Transurfing and are in direct and constant contact with Vadim Zeland who oversees the training and professional projects.
The professional training of Transurfing Trainers is provided exclusively by the Coaches and centres authorised by Vadim Zeland, which are listed on his official page
Ø Transurfing International Academy (England/Portugal) -
Ø Transurfing Centre Francophone (French Countries) -
Ø Transurfing Talasi (Serbia and Balkan Region) -
Ø Accademia Italiana Transurfing (Italy) -
Ø Centro de Transurfing en español (Spanish Countries) -
  1. Transurfing Coaches are authorized to issue the Transurfing Trainers Certificates based on training courses agreed and authorized by Vadim Zeland and under his direct supervision
  2. Training can be provided both remotely (with the aid of adequate IT tools) and face-to-face through intensive seminars and internships or with a mixed frontal and remote modality.
  3. The training as a Transurfing Trainer lasts minimum one year and is developed based on the availability of the Transurfing texts published in the individual territories and on the experiential methods defined by the Coaches in relation to their teaching organization
  4. In parallel to his training, the Transurfing Trainers will have to undergo individual monitoring relating to their interpersonal, empathy, freiling skills and, in general, of his know-how and his skills as a transurfer in continuous development.
  5. The final certification of Transurfing Trainer is achieved only at the end of the relative training courses and individual supervision
  6. Advanced post-certification training courses are provided, held by authorized Transurfing Coaches, with internships, summer / winter schools; thematic courses and seminars.
  7. The authorized Coaches undertake to organize and/or participate the "International Transurfing Day" every year for the dissemination, presentation of editorial news and sharing of experiences..
  8. The procedures for the activation of the educational courses and the methods of carrying out are defined according to a reference framework of guidelines, based on the example of the Italian education, which has the largest number of translated publications of the texts of Reality Transurfing and Tafti.
  9. The training courses are established, activated and modified in compliance with the criteria and procedures dictated by Vadim Zeland under his direct supervision and by these Regulations.
  10. With regard to the proposals for the establishment / activation of any other training modules, the favorable opinion and authorization of Vadim Zeland will always be required
  11. The training methods provided for in this regulation can be carried out jointly by all the national realities that freely adhere to this model. Their training specificities remain intact, in compliance with their national didactic/educational methods.
  12. 13Under no circumstances may the training and teaching material of Transurfing be disclosed by third parties other than Coaches or Trainers authorized by Vadim Zeland and present on the official page and in the national trainers lists, under penalty of any legal and administrative sanctions.

Two professional figures are defined for the dissemination of Transurfing:
A. Vadim Zeland Authorized Transurfing Coaches: they deal with the training and supervision of Transurfing Trainers. As Transurfing trainers themselves, they can also continue to run experiental groups, individual consultations, conferences, and all professional activities related to Transurfing training for the general public.
B. Transurfing Trainers: are professional Transurfing consultants for the management of group experiential counseling. They have the specific task of conducting experiential Transurfing paths, group or individual, with the sole purpose of sharing the methods of learning the method for managing reality for personal use. They cannot train and supervise other Trainers
  1. Transurfing Trainers are understood to be those who have completed the training program and have signed this regulation.
  2. Transurfing Coaches or Trainers who are not present in the National lists and on the Official Page of Vadim Zeland and who have not followed the specific training as in the modalities and contents established by each authorized Institutes for Transurfing Education approved by VZ, are not considered legitimate
  3. An Official List of Transurfing Trainers is established at Vadim Zeland official site. The official National List of certified Transurfing Trainers will be published both on the pages of the authorized institutes, and on the official website of Vadim Zeland
  4. The list of Transurfing Trainers is governed by these Regulations which all subscribers are bound to observe.
  5. The Regulations govern both the activities to be carried out and internal organizational rules. The regulatory rules, thus issued, must be respected by all operators registered on the list.
  6. The Transurfing Coaches and Trainers, with freiling and a spirit of sharing, promote collaboration with all Transurfing Coaches and Trainers. And, in general, with all figures concerned with the well-being and the developpement of human beings.
  1. The training of Transurfing Trainers is delegated exclusively to Coaches authorized by Vadim Zeland and presents on his official page
  2. The training methods provided for by this regulation can be carried out jointly by all the national realities that freely adhere to this model. Their training specificities remain intact, in compliance with their national didactic / educational methods.
  3. The procedure for issuing the qualification may be combined and reported in the language of origin
  4. For all authorized Transurfing Centers wishing to adhere to this training model, training will be provided in the home language, but with common and shared teaching materials and aids (slides, handouts, workbooks, etc.)
  5. With regard to the proposals for the establishment / activation of any other training modules, the favorable opinion of Vadim Zeland will always be required.

Transurfing is a constantly evolving discipline. This program is therefore a shared general itinerary model that can be enriched and / or modified over time. Each Coach and Center will follow the Program based on the texts by Vadim Zeland that he has available and which have been published in his own country language.
All courses take place both online and in interactive mode and in intensive courses (internships or summer schools).
The training is annual and divided into three steps. The steps usually take place over two semesters. However, on the basis of the programs of the individual centers, it will be possible to provide for the courses to be carried out according to different scans, as well as the number of weekly lessons and their distribution are determined in relation to the functionality needs of the individual training centers.


● The Space of Variations and the infinite Lines of Life to "choose".
● Pendulums and how they affect your life with anxiety, fear, insecurity etc.
● How to free yourself from Pendulums, manage importance and eliminate addiction
● Recognize and avoid superfluous and possibly balancing potentials
● Listen to the voice of the Soul and let go of control
● Managing relations with Transurfing: Freiling
● 78 steps in Transurfing

● Transurfing and Nutrition: Food as a symbol and message
● How to filter thoughts and learn to manage your attention.
● How to listen to your Soul and generate intentions.
● The Projector: Slides, Statements and Findings.
● From actions to words - from physical reality to metaphysical reality.
● From passive reception to active transmission: shoot your own film
● The Projector (Family, Couple relationships, Financial well-being, Health, Personal mission and
vocation, Personal growth, Creativity, Physical appearance, Self-observation skills)
● The Tarot of Transurfing, generate awareness with an easy and immediate method

The third step, the Tafti module, is temporarily available only for Italian Program and soon will be available in Spanish, English and Serbian speaking, too. The Tafti’s module will be available in other Transurfing Center as soon as Tafti's books are published in the various territories:

● Distinguish reality from sleep
● Awaken and acquire the state of Presence and Awareness
● Recognize the script and set reality
● Move your frame and set your future
● How to use the Braid of Intention: the external center of energy
● Unhinge the models of the Matrix and reconfigure and transfigure your life
● Manage Tafti algorithms on a daily basi